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Prolong vs. Lucas! Which is better? What's the difference?

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Joined: May 20, 2005
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 10:03 am
Post subject: Prolong vs. Lucas! Which is better? What's the difference?

Hi everyone,

I have a V6 94 Honda Passport with 195,000 miles on it and was going to add some Prolong in it (as I have done in my past cars) but when I was at a Kragen store I saw the display for the Lucas Oil products and was impressed at what a difference the oil with the Lucas made in the display. I've done some research, but none that have really explained what the differences are or if there are advantages to Lucas vs Prolong..etc.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your reply,


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Joined: May 22, 2005
Posts: 4

(Msg. 2) Posted: Mon May 23, 2005 5:33 am
Post subject: Re: Prolong vs. Lucas! Which is better? What's the differenc [Login to view extended thread Info.]

>>Prolong vs. Lucas! Which is better? What's the difference?<<

To answer your two questions, I offer the following:

Before using any aftermarket oil additive, its important to understand what the weaknesses are of motor oil itself. Motor oil needs to resist oxidation, have a high detergency component, have a reasonably high sheer point, and its TBN (Total Base Number or level of reserve alkalinity) needs to be above a 10.0 rating.

Currently there are three basic oil types available:

!. Petroleum based
2. Synthetic blend (petroleum based but having an extended thermal
cracking process performed)
3. Polymer based synthetic.

Motor oils are comprised of two primary components; base product and an additive package.

Motor oils sold in North America must comply with API (American Petroleum Institute) standards which must exceed the minimum requirements for their SL rating (Gasoline) or CE rating (diesel). The problem is that the standards are too low (as according to the engine manufacturers) and there is no vehicle for testing of motor oils after they have received their initial approval. Because there is so much competition in the oil retail sales market, to improve profits, there is nothing to prevent an motor oil blender from reducing their additive package effectivness as a way to reduce production costs.

With that said, the next question you must ask is do either of these products offer any real improvement in your oil? The answer is little if any and in fact one of them (Prolong) has proven to do long term damage to your vehicle's emission control system and to the soft metal bearings used in your engine. The manufacturers of Prolong use chlorinated paraffins as their extreme pressure additive and this particular chemical forms chlorine when subjected to heat. If detected in the waste oil at your local service center, where you have your oil changed, can subject the facility to a fine in California.

Between the two you mentioned (Prolong or Lucas Oil), Lucas Oil is easily the preferred choice, but the real truth is that Lucas Oil's product lacks any advantage or adds any value to your oil that would justify its cost.

This is true with almost all consumer oil additive products and in the last 2 years a number of them have received fines from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for false and misleading advertising. (Prolong, Slick 50, STP, Duralub, ZMax, and a number of others have all been fined for FTC violations)

I've also seen a number of other additives and their test results when tested under the same standards that motor oil is required to meet and in almost every case they failed or offered no difference or improvement(MOC, Wynn's, Kresk, Justice Brothers, Lucas Oil, and about a dozen more).

None of the producers of these oil additives are subject to API or SAE standards or testing and the only mode of limiting their sales to the public was by way of the FTC. All of these oil additive products are still available despite that they have all been proven inaffective and in some cases even damaging to your vehicle's engine.

There are a very few oil additives that really do offer a value and the only one that comes to mind is a product from BG Products called MOA. BG MOA is not available to the consumer or at your local parts store, but it is possible that a local new car dealership or the more professional service facility will have the product available. BG MOA was developed in concert with one of the major oil companies (Chevron-Texaco) and is and has been widely used by professional service facilities, government agencies, and nearly all of the professional racing series (NASCAR, CART, IRL, and F1 teams) for the last 30 years. BG Products is not widely known except in the commercial and industrial industries as this company has no consumer division.

The bottom line is you are better off not using either Prolong or Lucas Oil, but changing your engine's oil more frequently (every 3,000 miles) will offer far more advantage than using either Prolong or Lucas Oil's additives.

If you are using a petroleum based motor oil, then using BG MOA will be of a great advantage, but even the BG Products company does not recommend the use of their product if you are using a high quality synthetic oil (such as Castrol Syntex or Mobil1). With a mileage of 195,000 on your Honda, I would not suggest you use any synthetic, but a quality 5W-30 or 10W-40 (either with MOA added) petroleum based oil is certainly called for.


 >> Stay informed about: Prolong vs. Lucas! Which is better? What's the difference? 
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Joined: May 20, 2005
Posts: 3

(Msg. 3) Posted: Mon May 23, 2005 9:24 am
Post subject: Re: Prolong vs. Lucas! Which is better? What's the differenc [Login to view extended thread Info.]

Thanks for the info Bearracing!

I have already had the oil changed and the place recommended I use 20w 50 (since I have some oil leaks and the car has so many miles on it.) So I went ahead and did that and also went ahead and purchased the prolong (gas and oil) and added them. Now unfortunately, I can only compare to what I've seen of the car and its pre-oil change state since I really don't know if the owner took good care of the car or not but it does run well. Hopefully it will stay that way for a 100,000 more since it is a honda.

I used to have an 89 Pontiac TransAm v8 and prolong made a huge difference in that car. The car always had normal oil changes and only premium gas and after adding the prolong it ran smoother and cooler. I wonder why all of these products are out there available if they don't really work. I suppose the same thing could be said about other items as well (i.e. Nutrional Supplements). It's too bad!!!

Perhaps I got lucky..who knows! But thanks again for your great post!

 >> Stay informed about: Prolong vs. Lucas! Which is better? What's the difference? 
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